Savvy mum transforms tired old kitchen appliances with £20 Amazon rose gold spray

A savvy mum has wowed fellow lovers of home improvement by transforming tired old kitchen appliances for just £20.

The nifty hack saw Kim Smith pick up some rose gold spray and silver adhesive from Amazon.

She had in mind to rejuvenate her fridge, which had become drab and a little rough round the edges after years of use.

But the incredible results from the spray saw her get “a bit carried away”, and before long her washing machine and dishwasher were both given a sparkle.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, Kim said: “After upcycling the fridge with rose gold spray paint and silver fablon, I got a bit carried away and decided to try it on my dishwasher and washing machine.

“I know it’s maybe not to everyone’s taste but I love them. They’re much better than they were at least!”

Kim first covered the surface of the appliances with the £10 grey adhesive, brand name ‘Fablon Silver Self-Adhesive’.

She then coated it with the rose gold spray, brand name ‘Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Spray Paint’, spraying it over selected areas to create an aesthetically pleasing finish.

And you can pick up the rose gold spray for a bargain price of £10 from Amazon – meaning no need to head to the shops during lockdown.

The spray takes 24 hours to set properly, but just 20 minutes to become dry to the touch.

This allows you to apply layers of coats every 30 minutes.

Kim explained that all that was required after that is to write over the top of the bits she had covered with the rose gold spray, so the settings on the washing machine and dishwasher, such as temperature and spin cycle, are still visible.

Other lovers of home improvement were amazed and inspired by the mum’s nifty hack.

Responding in the Facebook group, more than 1,800 people left comments under her post.

One wrote: “That is very cool! Could be a business.”

While another said that the appliances “all look amazing!”

Another commenter who said they “love it” thought it was a “brilliant idea”.

They added that the appliances were now “very designer looking.”